ATU Corp Services

Ayankoya Taxes Unlimited Corp. (ATU), is a dynamic, expanding, award winning professional services agency. ATU has continued to provide effective, efficient, and expert accounting and tax services since 1996.

Tax Preparation

We provide federal and state income tax expertise


Seasoned pros with years of accounting experience


We provide professional bookkeeping services

Staffing Support

Contracted with the U.S. Department of Defense

Administrative Support

Providing expert administrative support

Healthcare Support

15 years experience in providing expert staff

Testimonials and Performance Comments

“Tai has been my business accountant since I moved to the Triangle. Over the years he has been very patient with me as I try to understand how to properly do my bookkeeping and also how to save on taxes in my business. Not only is he helpful to me professionally, but he is a pleasure to visit—a friendly face at tax time!”

-Ellen Divers/ Diverse Solutions

"Especially in these uncertain economic times, I am glad to know that your small business appears to be thriving.  You have identified an important niche, and I hope that your efforts will continue to be well rewarded. Thank you for your and your staff’s contributions to our community."

-David Price/ NC Congressman

"Tai is a gracious and dedicated professional. He helped me understand the accounting process much better and suggested several ways I could be more efficient in managing my expenses. I always felt he had my business interests at heart. In addition to excellent work on my taxes, from time to time he dispensed wise advice about how to balance the demands of work and life. I consider him a friend and a valuable professional asset."

-Kathryn Helene/ MindFrames Consulting